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A Pest Control business can be rewarding and very profitable, but without the proper insurance in place, it can all be gone in an instant. Your team at Prosperity North are insurance experts and can build you a customized comprehensive plan that will allow you to grow your business.

Don’t let one accident destroy everything you’ve built.  Our clients have confidence that they are properly insured, with strategic plans in place to grow their business, maximize revenue and build long-term Prosperity.

Pest Control 

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business? 

You’ve started a successful pest control business and now is the time to grow. But what is the best way to grow? Your team at Prosperity North will build a long-term plan centered around growth, maximizing your EBITDA to build Prosperity and create a legacy.

It’s free and easy to get started proprietary planning process. We will examine current policies determining exposures, eliminating liabilities, and aligning them with your overall goals. Once that plan is in place prosperity has begun centered on 3 foundations:

  • Organic Growth

  • Strategic Growth

  • Maximizing EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, & Amortization)

Our clients know the value of their business, identifying growth factors, have reduced their tax liabilities, and are free to focus on their legacy. The easiest way to get started is to set an appointment to see how our proprietary planning process can help protect your Prosperity.


Property/Inland Marine

Commercial Auto 

General Liability

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Professional Liability

Employee Benefits

Commercial Umbrella

Workers Compensation

Cyber Insurance


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